Thank You, My Fans.

maureen klusza

I love seeing how my fans enjoy their orders with my artwork being customized for them. Check them out and see how they use it at their houses, kids' bedrooms or even at the office!  To view more at my Facebook page, go here.

Remembering John Ritter.

maureen klusza

Remember Jack Tripper from The Three’s Company? Oh my god. I remember him so clearly when I was a little girl. I remember how John Ritter changed my life. 1. Watching my first closed captioning TV show so I could understand what was being said on the show. 2. He was the first actor who made me laugh. 3. A special privilege given by parents for me to go bed late on Tuesdays during a school week after 9:30! When I was a Middle School student at New Jersey School for the Deaf, aka Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf,...